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David C. Abbott Early Learning Center A Rainbow of Stars!

Please Create A Marquee

FM Ideas for Home

Fine Motor Ideas at Home

Thread pipe cleaners through a pasta strainer and pull it through. You can add to the activity by then string beads onto the pipe cleaners

Stringing beads or pasta onto string

Place clothes pins on a firm paper plate using your thumb, pointer, and middle fingers only

Play games with small pieces, remember to use your pinchers!

Peel stickers onto a piece of paper that has a letter, number or their name written on it


Lego Blocks- put together/take apart


If you have tweezers, pick up pom poms or cotton balls and sort into cups or an empty egg container.


Place coins or bingo chips into a bank or a container that you can make a small slit in the top (ie coffee can. Use your thumb and pointer finger to do so.


Practice fastening zippers and buttons


Play with Playdough- flatten, roll it out, pinch, make balls, make an object