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David C. Abbott Early Learning Center A Rainbow of Stars!

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About Mrs.Roco


My name is Maryann Roco, I am a teacher in the full day ABA program at the DAELC. I am married to my husband Greg and am a mother of two wonderful boys, Joseph and Massimo. I enjoy being outdoors and spending quality time with my family. My hobbies are walking, playing soccer, and cooking for my family. I received a degree in Special Education from Kean University in January of 2000. This is my 20th year teaching here in Marlboro.  I currently have 24 years experience working with children with Autism/Special needs.  I also had the opportunity to work in a private school for 4 years and to provide private home therapy for students. I have  completed a variety of workshops and in-services to further my knowledge in the field of Autism. I take pride in my classroom and love both the rewards and challenges that it brings.


Teacher message:

My class is taught using behavioral and sensory strategies within a developmental context. We are currently using the VB-MAPP Assessment in the classroom as our curriculum guide.  In my class, all lessons are taught by thematic units and a multi-sensory approach is used continuously as well. This encourages language in the classroom that is carried out throughout our day. We place a heavy emphasis on natural environment teaching and making sure we are all enjoying each moment as we learn.  Every minute counts!

Always remember to be proud of your child's progress and accomplishments. Continue to praise him/her tremendously for a job well done. Your continuous support and follow through at home is essential to your child’s success.




Last Day of school 6/19/20

Happy Friday! We made it to the last day congrats to all for a job well done,parents included! Thank you for a wonderful school year together. Feeling Truly blessed to have been on this journey together. Wishing you a restful summer break .
Over the next week you will get the schedule for summer school & emailed invitations for zoom groups and sessions. Our Virtual Summer session begin July 6th.Also sending love and luck to my students moving up after summer. I am so proud of you all and am excited for your next step on your educational journey. Please keep in touch!

Week 13 last week of Virtual Learning

6/15/20 Theme: Fathers Day
Morning class-Congrats to all on making it through this rough journey with me. I truly appreciate all your patience and time as we worked through our ups and downs together.It has been a learning process for us all,Thank You!
This week's Theme is Father's Day as we appreciate and recognize all the dads in all our lives.Keeping it simple this week as it is the last week and shortened. Reminder our last Group together before summer is on Wednesday be prepared to celebrate wear a fun hat,necklace,glasses or silly shirt to celebrate together. Hope to see you!

Week 12

Week 12 : 6/8 Carnival/Circus Theme

Happy Monday! Please see Home Instruction tab/or email for theme activities for the week. We are slowing down with assignments and sessions as next week is our last week of school. If you have any questions or concerns please let me know.

Virtual Field Day Info

Virtual Field Day is this Friday 6/5    Field day video link

List of supplies:

  • sidewalk chalk (stations 1 & 13)

  • 3 sheets of paper (station 3)

  • bucket or laundry basket (stations 3,7,11)

  • 2 milk jugs or gallon water bottles (station 5)

  • water bottle (station 7)

  • 10 empty plastic cups (solo cups) (station 9)

  • balloons (stations 9 & 12)

  • paper plate (station 9)

  • ball of any size (station 11)

  • deck of cards (station 14)

  • space for exercise/movements (stations 2,4,6,8,10,15)

Miss Mrazik
Health and Physical Education Teacher 
David C. Abbott Early Learning Center 

Week 11 🙌Home Instruction

 Week of June 1st Theme: Chicks🐣🐤🐥
Happy June to all,
I am so happy we made it this far together, Well done to all of you!
This week Our Theme is Chicks I kept it short and fun for this week as I understand we are all getting exhausted by now. See side panel for posted assignments.Just a few date reminders for the week: I will not be having 1:1 sessions on Thursday 6/4 ,as I was assigned to go in to clean out my room. Although I will be available by email/remind for any questions or concerns. If there is something specific you need me to get in my room please let me know beforehand. Also this Friday 6/5 is the Districtwide Virtual Field Day for all students which you received an email about.Hope You all Have fun and take pictures for me.
See You All in group on Wednesday,
Mrs. Roco

Week 10 Home Instruction Assignment -

Week 10 Home Instruction Assignment -Week of 5/26 Theme: Butterflies and Caterpillars

Happy Tuesday! Hope everyone had a restful memorial day weekend and ready to get back to our remote learning. Please see posted assignments and activities for this week. You can print and do at least 2 of the worksheets for this shortened week. This week at our circle I will ask each child to share either a worksheet or art activity they completed. Keep up the good work! If you have any questions or concerns please let me know.

Have a great Day,
Mrs. Roco

Week 9 Home Instruction Assignments

Insect Theme For the week 5/18
Please see our theme activities for the Insect week below. Also reminder that you should all have your individual sessions scheduled with me please rsvp each week. It is the same invite weekly unless we adjust. Our weekly groups are on Wednesday and Fridays. Please reach out to me anytime if you have any questions or concerns. I am more than happy to assist. 

Week 8 Home Instruction Assignments

Theme For the week of 5/11 is Fruits and Veggies
Hi Class,
Happy Monday, we all made it to Week 8 of home Instruction (WOW) and are doing our best to get through this remote learning together. I am appreciative for all of your assistance from home and am happy to provide guidance through this difficult journey we are enduring together. I love seeing all my students smiles each week via zoom and monitoring their skills from home, keep up the good work parents! Please see our theme activities for the week below. Also reminder that you should all have your individual sessions scheduled with me and our weekly groups are on Wednesday and Fridays. Please reach out to me anytime if you have any questions or concerns. I am more than happy to assist.

Week 7 Home Instruction - Cinco De Mayo/Mother's Day Theme 5/4/20

Good Morning,
I'm so happy that the sun is finally shining! Looking forward to the warm weather ahead for us to be able to get outside for some much needed fresh air and movement. 
Reminder that every Monday you will receive  varied activities to do with your child for the week to go along with my suggested daily schedule that is posted here on my webpage. You can adjust according to your child's individual therapy schedules to fit your needs. Also I have sent out all zoom meetings and group sessions invites via email please confirm or decline . You can contact me if you have any questions or concerns. See activities for week posted under Home instruction 2 week 7.
Thanks so much
Mrs. Maryann Roco
DAELC-Special Educator

Home Instruction Week 6

Week 6 Home Instruction-Zoo Theme
Good Morning Class,
Please see attached activities for today and for the week. You can rearrange and do as you wish according to your child's schedule. I -2 activities a day is recommended. Also Zoo themed books have been added to your child's Epic Books account. his is to go along with our weekly groups and individual meetings. Please let me know what works best for your child for 1:1 sessions if you haven't done so already.

Home Instruction Week 5

Welcome back from Spring break! Hope everyone is well rested and healthy. I wanted to give you a few updates moving forward.
By now you should have received my Zoom group meeting requests for Wednesdays and Fridays. This will be a group session and I will adapt as we go along the best that I can. If you can have your child sitting in a designated area and ready that would be great. They can have a favorite snack or small toy next to them to help keep them attending. I also am available during the week to do 1:1 zoom meeting, so please email me to arrange a time. I will be attaching to emails and regularly posting to my webpage activities for you to do with your child by Theme for the week as well. This will be under the Home Instruction 2 tab on left side. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Home Instruction Week 4

Happy Monday! Enjoy the Sun today go for a walk outside with your child label,point or find colors & things around you. Enjoy!
Please utilize my webpage to keep with your child's school routine and schedule the best that you can. This is a short week as we begin our spring break 4/9-4/20. Upon return we will have a schedule to meet and see eachother 2x weekly (Wednesdays & Fridays). I will send out an invite for our meets using the Zoom application. Please contact me if your child is still in need of a chromebook so they can have access. We will do our best to navigate through this together. Also your child's therapists will be in touch to schedule with you as well,so be on the lookout for emails and respond.
I have added 2 more activities under home instruction 2. Missing all of your smiling little faces.
Thank you

Happy Monday,
Home Instruction Week #3
I hope Everyone is staying safe and healthy. We are on Week 3 of Home Instruction and I would like to try and do a Zoom meeting with each of my students and a parent together if not done so already. I will be happy to adjust to your schedule as I understand this is difficult. I then would like to plan to do a meet with available students together by the end of the week so they can all see each other and keep familiar.  
I will still be adding updates to my webpage and also emailing to keep all up to date. I will do a remind message as well to touch base as I know this is easier for some. You can reply either way. If you are in need of hard copies and cannot print please let me know and I will try and get them delivered to you if easier.
I am adding 2 more activities for you to do along with the daily schedule with activities I have on my website. 
I will do my best to accommodate all to what works best for you and your child's needs during this difficult time of instruction. Missing my class,please keep in touch.

Share a Rainbow for a smile

Rainbows bring the promise that the troubles
of today will come to pass. There might be
some hard times but you have to go through
the storm in order to get a rainbow!
Color the rainbow pic below or create your own then share it in your window of your home. Have fun and Send me some pictures!
Coloring page to print: rainbowcoloringpage
Rainbow song: Rainbow song:


Theme for the Week is "Its Gonna Be All Good" Just as Pete The Cat would say. See full book on side bar.
Also,I sent everyone the pledge of Allegiance to start off your mornings as we do in class. Keep up with our daily routines at home the best that you can.
Also I am adding new activity sheets to do each day that are being emailed daily as I add them.
Keep sending me video and pics of the kids in action , I love seeing them!
Miss You all lots!