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About Mrs.Roco


My name is Maryann Roco, I am a teacher in the full day ABA program at the DAELC. I am married to my husband Greg and am a proud mother of two wonderful boys, Joseph and Massimo. I enjoy being outdoors and spending quality time with my family. My hobbies are walking, relaxing on the beach, fishing, playing soccer,cooking meals for my family. I received a degree in Special Education from Kean University in January of 2000. This is my 20+year teaching here in Marlboro.  I currently have 24+years experience working with children with Autism/Special needs.  I also had the opportunity to work in a private school for 4 years and to provide private home therapy for students. I have  completed a variety of workshops and in-services to further my knowledge in the field of Autism/Special Education. I take pride in my classroom and love both the rewards and challenges that it brings.


Teacher message:

My class is taught using behavioral and sensory strategies within a developmental context. We are currently using the VB-MAPP Assessment in the classroom as our curriculum guide.  In my class, all lessons are taught by thematic units and a multi-sensory approach is used continuously as well. This encourages language in the classroom that is carried out throughout our day. We place a heavy emphasis on natural environment teaching and making sure we are all enjoying each moment as we learn.  Every minute counts!

Always remember to be proud of your child's progress and accomplishments. Continue to praise him/her tremendously for a job well done. Your continuous support and follow through at home is essential to your child’s success.