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Food Allergy Guidelines » Food Allergy Guidelines

Food Allergy Guidelines

The Marlboro Township Public Schools recognizes the growing number of students enrolling in our schools with potentially life-threatening food allergies. As public educators we recognize our responsibility to develop appropriate health plans for students with food allergies that detail emergency treatment while proactively addressing conditions to prevent exposure to specific allergens. We believe that communication between school and family is the best way to achieve this goal while thoughtfully increasing the student’s independence to care for him/herself.

As an educational institution, we believe in our capacity to educate our families, teachers, and students so that they better understand life-threatening food allergies. This will create school communities that differentiate strategies for food allergies with the same generous spirit and understanding demonstrated for differentiated learning styles and other health-related student needs.

To assist in that endeavor, the district's Food Allergy Guidelines manual has been developed to insure continued communication among school, families and medical personnel so that we provide a safe and healthy learning environment.