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Class supply list

Classroom Supply List- Mrs. Roco 2020-21

1. Two complete sets of clothing, including socks and underwear, all clearly labeled with your child’s name. (Shorts & T-shirts, underwear,pants and long sleeved shirts as it gets colder.)Please put in a labeled small shoe box container if possible. Diapers/pull-ups w/removable sides (only if your child uses them) 
2.(On Hold) Daily – a healthy lunch, unless you prefer to buy Chart-well's lunch.(We do have a microwave in class to heat up foods) 
3. Family photos, please label the pictures on the back for programs.(only if not sent in) 
4. One hard-covered notebook for your communication needs or email communication. 
5. 2 roll of paper towels 
6. 2 box of baby wipes 
7. 2 packs of Clorox wipes 
 8. 2 boxes of tissues 
 9. 2 boxes of large and small zip-lock baggies 
10. 1 bottle of antibacterial hand soap 
 11. Edible reinforcers (small snacks) that your child enjoys to be used for instruction –i.e., oreos, gummies, raisins, chips, pretzels, etc. 
12. (On Hold) Paper plates, plastic Forks, Spoons, knifes for class. 
13. A full size book bag that can fit the lunch box, and daily communication book. Please no wheels. 

 ** Please clearly label all your child's personal belongings
 We are looking forward to a great year. Thank you for your cooperation!