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Field Day Supplies

List of supplies:

  • sidewalk chalk (stations 1 & 13)

  • 3 sheets of paper (station 3)

  • bucket or laundry basket (stations 3,7,11)

  • 2 milk jugs or gallon water bottles (station 5)

  • water bottle (station 7)

  • 10 empty plastic cups (solo cups) (station 9)

  • balloons (stations 9 & 12)

  • paper plate (station 9)

  • ball of any size (station 11)

  • deck of cards (station 14)

  • space for exercise/movements (stations 2,4,6,8,10,15)


Week of 5/11/20 Fruit Theme

I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend! Beginning today, I will only be emailing today and posting activities on my website. All the activities for the week are available there and you can pick and choose what activities you want to do and when according to your child's therapy schedule. All of the activities will be posted under the Weekly Themes tab on the right hand side of my webpage. If anyone has any questions or concerns with this change or how to access the activities, please let me know. 
I will continue to see families/students in our 1:1 meetings. I will continue with the same schedule as last week. Please let me know if any changes need to be made. If you have not had a meeting scheduled with me but would like to meet please let me know. 
Have a great week!!


Happy Monday!!
I hope everyone was able to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather we had this weekend. This week our themes are Cinco de Mayo and Mother's Day. Today's email has links to a Cinco de Mayo song, story and coloring activities. I am also linking a packet to the email. The packet has quite a few activities like tracing, numbers,puzzles, etc..  
Enjoy! I will see everyone tomorrow at 11 for Circle Time!!


Good Morning!!
Happy May!! I hope everyone enjoyed our circle time this morning!! Today is the last day of our Zoo theme. Below you will see links to a song, a short video and a live cam at the Bronx Zoo. I hope you enjoy them. 
Also,I was forwarded a message this morning about a motor group that will be held this afternoon. It is being run by an OT from Ready Set Grow in Morganville. She is wonderful!! Here is the message I rec’d....
I am doing a zoom movement group at 1 today. Mostly geared towards ages 3-7. Share with anyone you think would be interested. 
Click to start or join a scheduled Zoom meeting
Hopefully we will have at least one day without rain this weekend to enjoy some time outside. Have a great weekend! 
Attachments area
Preview YouTube video Who's In the Zoo | Zoo Songs for Children | Animal Songs for Children | The Kiboomers
Who's In the Zoo | Zoo Songs for Children | Animal Songs for Children | The Kiboomers
Preview YouTube video Sesame Street: Learn About Animals with Elmo! | Elmo at the Zoo Compilation
Sesame Street: Learn About Animals with Elmo! | Elmo at the Zoo Compilation


Good Morning 
I hope everyone is doing well! Today we are continuing with our Zoo Animal theme. I have attached a Zoo tour, along with 2 Zoo songs and an idea for a dramatic play activity. Remember, play is very important for our children!!
Let’s go to the zoo Super simple Songs
Dramatic Play Activity-
use animals and blocks/legos to build your own Zoo

I hope everyone has a wonderful day! 

Michele Sousa
732-972-7100 x 6023
Attachments area
Preview YouTube video Take a Field Trip To The Zoo | KidVision Pre-K
Take a Field Trip To The Zoo | KidVision Pre-K
Preview YouTube video Peek-a-Zoo | Animal Songs | Pinkfong Songs for Children
Peek-a-Zoo | Animal Songs | Pinkfong Songs for Children
Preview YouTube video Let's Go To The Zoo | Animal Song for Kids
Let's Go To The Zoo | Animal Song for Kids


Good Morning!
Happy Monday!! I hope everyone had a nice weekend. This week's theme is Zoo Animals. I am attaching a zoo counting activity for you to complete with your children, as well as a familiar zoo song. 
I will be meeting with many of you this week. I will also be sitting in on some speech and OT sessions. If anyone has any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to email me. 
I will see everyone tomorrow at 11:00 for our circle time. 
Have a great week!


Good Morning!
I hope everyone had a good week! Next week I will continue with Tuesday/Thursday circle times as well as 1:1 meetings. Because we will be having a circle time and the children will be having their therapies, I will not be sending e-mails with any activities on those days. I will only send them on M/W/F.  Today, is the end of our Farm theme. Attached you will find a cute Old MacDonald Had a Farm song by Pancake Manor, a virtual farm tour and a cosmic yoga on the farm from Cosmic Yoga. Please share them with your child. 
Old Mac Donald Song
Farm Virtual Tour
Cosmic Yoga
 If you did not speak to me about a meeting, but would like one, please let me know and we can schedule something. If you need anything before that please do not hesitate to contact me. 
Thank you! Have a great weekend!!!


Good Morning!
Happy Earth Day!!
Going forward, I will be sending daily emails with activities according to a weekly theme. This week it will be Farms and Farm Animals. 
Please see the read along story link/activity. Remember play is just as important as sit down activities to engage your child and have fun together. (Examples - label the animals, make the animal sounds, give the animals to each other on request) 
Big Red Barn story:


Simple farm animal sensory binActivity: It can be set up in minutes and the kids will enjoy (See attached picture)

  • 1-2 plastic bins you have at home (we used our water table with 2 compartments)
  • water
  • dish soap
  • plastic farm animals
  • dirt (if you want )
  • washcloths, brushes, sponges, etc    
I am also attaching farm coloring pages. Have fun!!
If you have not already contacted me about setting up individual meetings, please email me and we can set something up. Thanks! Have a great day!!

Week 5 Home Instruction


Good Morning!!

I hope everyone is well and was able to find some time to "get away" and relax a little over the break. I emailed everyone last night with the days and time for our Circle time meeting. We will be starting with these meetings 2x's a week to see how it goes. I will make modifications if needed. I will be sending Zoom invitations later this morning. It will work best if everyone finds a designated spot in your home for our meetings and any therapy sessions they may have. They can also have a small toy or snack next to them to help them sit and maintain focus throughout the session.

In addition to these times, I would like to meet individually with everyone at least weekly. We can schedule a “standing” appointment or whatever time works best for you. I am available from 9-1 everyday. Please email me to schedule an appointment. I will continue to post to  my web page so please check it for activities to complete with your child.

I hope to hear from everyone soon so that we can schedule some times to meet. I hope everyone has a great week!

Week 3 Home Instruction

Week 3 Home Instruction

March 30, 2020

Good Morning!!

Happy Monday! I hope everyone was able to relax and decompress a little over the weekend. 

I am going to attach a simple Simon Says game to play with your child. It can be modified for every student. Even if it is just having your child follow directions. Make it fun! Maybe it could be a nice break for older siblings to play along as well. I am also attaching the copy of The Pledge of Allegiance, that I didn’t post last week as I said I would. Sorry!! It is a great way to start the day like we do in school.

Few reminders….

  • Make sure everyone is using their words - requesting, commenting,etc.
  • Give your child directions to follow throughout the day - put this in the garbage, go get a book, put this on the table, etc.
  • Have you child practice dressing 
  • Sort laundry with your child - find all of the socks, find the red shirt, etc..

If anyone would like to set up a google hangout or Zoom meeting, please let me know. I would love to help you with any issues you may be having at home or to just touch base and see your child.  I miss everyone!!! 



Good Morning!!!

I hope everyone is doing well! Hopefully the weather will begin to cooperate a little bit soon so that we can head outside and get some fresh air! In the meantime, I am attaching another fun indoor scavenger hunt for you to do with your child. Use these scavenger hunts however you want. You could find one thing in every room or you could just have your child look for everything in one room. It is completely up to you.

Please continue to visit my web page and access any of the resources that are there. The daily schedule is a good tool to help organize your child’s day. I also found some cute books on the Vooks website that I will be posting to my website later today. 

If anyone needs more work (worksheets sent home) and cannot print or is too much to print please let me know. Also, If you have not already set up a time to do a Google Hangout or a Zoom meeting, and would like to do so, please let me know. I am in the process of scheduling some meetings and would love to be able to touch base and see everyone.  

Have a great day!! Hope to see everyone soon!!!